Dialog und Austausch

20.03.2019 - 22.03.2019

Negotiating asylum and accommodation

Migrants, refugees and hosting societies

  • Frühe Neuzeit 19. Jahrhundert 20. und 21. Jahrhundert Tagung
  • 13:00 Uhr (20.03.) - 16:00 Uhr (22.03.)
  • DHIP und Centre Les Recollets

Zur Tagung (Beschreibungstext auf Englisch):
Who do we welcome into our societies? Whom do we deny asylum and accommodation? Over the last years, we have witnessed rather emotional debates in the media and the public sphere pointing to the so-called »migrant crisis« – in France, Germany and in many other European countries. These debates reveal a much-forgotten reality: individuals and groups in need do not find ipso facto asylum and support in a given country, even if the latter claims to comply with human rights law and humanitarian principles. Asylum has to be negotiated. Asylum is asked for, solicited and argued for. The actors involved develop specific strategies, they negotiate, they sometimes make deals and they quite often have to plead or to contend for international aid. There is much at stake: helping people in need means that we draw on a given country’s resources to allow »alien people« to benefit from it – in the form of food, accommodation, diplomatic or even military aid. With the conference »Negotiating Asylum« we intend to bring together and compare examples from the early modern and modern periods. This should allow us to better understand practices of negotiation by highlighting differences or similarities and raising new sets of questions.

Organisation: Musée national de l’histoire de l’immigration, Universität Toulouse/Framespa, Universität Bayreuth und DHIP, mit Unterstützung der DFG, des Institut Convergences Migrations, des Institut universitaire de France, der Universität Grenoble/LUHCIE und von Sciences Politiques Toulouse/LaSSP

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