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Modernizing Ukraine: Revolutions and Distopias in the 20th Century

Conférence de Mikhail Minakov (Frankfort/Oder, Kiev)

  • Conférence XXᵉ et XXIᵉ siècle
  • 18h00 (11.12.) - 21h00 (11.12.)
  • IHA

Revolution is the event of launching new beginnings in the public sphere, and thus modernity is being constructed through revolution. In the 20th century, Ukraine has gone through a series of revolutions: in 1917/22, 1932/39, 1945/49, 1953/56, 1989/91; however instead leading to modernization, they had – after shortlived progresses – the reverse effect.

In his lecture, Mikhail Minakov will review the logic of socio-political experimentation in 20th century Ukraine and the revolutionary practices in Eastern Europe.

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