Dialog und Austausch

16.04.2018 - 17.04.2018

Violence against Civilians on the Eastern Front of World War II


  • 20. und 21. Jahrhundert Workshop
  • 10:00 Uhr (16.04.) - 17:45 Uhr (17.04.)
  • DHIP

Organisation: Tanja PENTER (Universität Heidelberg), Liudmila NOVIKOVA (Higher School of Economics Moscow) und Vanessa VOISIN (Cercec, EHESS)

Ankündigungstext auf Englisch:

The workshop is a German-French-Russian-Ukrainian cooperation, which combines new perspectives on civilian victims of World War II in the Soviet Union. This includes as well victims of Stalinism as victims of crimes under Nazi-occupation. Moreover, another focus of the workshop involves the dealing with civilian victims in postwar trials inside the Soviet Union and in the West and their representation as witnesses. Not least the general question of new archival resources about civilian victims, as e.g. the now for researchers available collections of the former KGB-archives in Ukraine, will be discussed.

The workshop is supported by GHI Paris, Cercec (EHESS) and VW-Stiftung.

Informationen und Anmeldung: